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9/5/2012 3:56 PM
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WWH Meeting Notes - 9/5/12

Attending: Dennis, Blaine, Dave
Next meeting: Wednesday 10/3/2012, 3pm x192

-----------------------------New Items-----------------------------

Case Product / Platform Description Action Items
11438 MS Android Win WWH - Contacts created in 'Phone (Missing Sync)' are ignored

@QA to test on Galaxy S.

11439 Fliq Tasks
WWH - Fliq Tasks - Feature request to add priority options
@Blaine to write-up
11440 MS Android Mac WWH - Jelly Bean - MTP connection takes too long to find the library and fails to sync @QA to test with Galaxy Nexus
11377 MSiP WWH - iOS - Can't sync with two iOS devices unless you overwrite the first time when changing devices @QA to test
11376 MS Android WWH - Galaxy S III - when connected by USB Missing Sync can't sync, message appears

@QA to test


Old items in progress (Tracking):


Product / Platform


Status/Action Items

11359 Android / MAC WWH - "Timeout reading error  from device" when syncing Calendar (Mac). @QA to test. 2 or 3 customers with similar issues on Mac.
10610 MS4A - WIN WWH - Android notes win - Can't sync contacts that have notes with attachments @Dave - waiting on customer feedback
11443 MS4A - Device Client WWH - Contacts syncing w/ Galaxy S ICS 4.0.4 @QA to test. @Support - have customer remove client and reinstall latest and try again.
11348 MS4A - Mac 1.6.2 WWH - No calendar events are coming back from phone

-04/25/2012 @All - watch for this.

-05/02/2012: Update - still seems to be a general issue from time to time. This sort of thing mostly happens on WIN.


MS4A - WIN 2.0

WWH - Android Windows - Calendar plugin hangs when double clicking to adjust settings

-  04/25/2012 - may have been fixed by 2.x

@Support - continue to watch and try to gather data.

- 05/02/2012 - Tommy had this this week. Rebooted his PC and it solved the problem. So, it still happens with 2.x.


Android - WIN

Customers with multiple email accounts setup in outlook seems to result in sync errors - mapi-e. Check with customers to see if they have multiple accounts. eg., "09/08/2011 7:49:07 AM,4,EventPlugin doSync exception: Error in IAttach.OpenProperty(PR_ATTACH_DATA_OBJ): MAPI_E_TOO_BIG" -

@All continue to watch.

- 02/08/2012 still happening. Support has no good tools for helping customers with this issue.They have no way to solve the issue

- 05/02/2012 - general consensus is that this is not being observed in 2.0. Continue to watch. Good!


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